“Out of Stock”

Unfortunately, at this time, it is unlikely we will create a new print edition of our books due to: increasing print costs; prohibitive shipping costs; the problematic challenge of keeping a printed book up-to-date.

We are however, exploring and working on creating an ONLINE VERSION of the book. An online format eliminates the need for printing and shipping. More importantly, it will permit us to keep both educational and ever-changing product information current.

If you would like to be kept informed about our progress, or if you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear them. Please send your contact information and comments to:   Christine@healththroughknowledge.com 

We thank you for your years of support.

“Why Do I Feel This Way?”

You’ve always wanted to learn more about your body.  You would love to understand and apply a holistic approach to support your health.

You want simple, practical knowledge and answers to:

  • What is my body doing? How does it function?
  • What is my body made out of?
  • What happens to the food I stuff into it?
  • How are my daily choices affecting my health?
  • What are free radicals, probiotics, Omega 3s, antioxidants and much more? Why should I care about such things?
  • Why do I feel ‘x, y, z’?
  • What can I do about …? How can I support …?
  • Is there a difference in supplement quality?
  • What is “Picture Perfect Poop”? Why is it important?

This informative 60 page booklet offers a light-hearted introduction to the holistic approach to health.

“It’s Your Body” has become a very popular resource for workshops and discussion groups.